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How to choose the right meat?

Rib, sirloin, shank or even... Not always easy to choose your bit... Not always easy to understand which pieces of beef to choose. While steak meat provides about twenty-five bites to satisfy all tastes and cuisines, only four varieties share the world market for the quality of their meat. More informations : https://www.giraudi-meats.com/ . The juicy, thin, tender and very tasty Charolais, which makes up 40 percent of their cattle from beef strains, the Salers slightly sweeter than other varieties, very juicy and renowned for its incomparable taste due to the persistence of its flesh, the Aubrac which produces high quality, colourful and delicious meat, as well as the limousine which offers tender, pleasant and lean meat and delicious meat.

The nutritional value of beef

The nutritional value of beef varies depending on the selected element and strain. As a general rule, a small amount of beef does not exceed 6% fat, and recommended as part of a daily diet, beef provides a reasonable amount of fat. Contact a meat importer for more information about purchasing quality meat. Beef is one of the main sources of iron in our diet, which leads to the formation of red blood cells. Beef is an excellent source of zinc, copper and selenium: all these antioxidant minerals are essential in the fight against free radicals, responsible for tissue ageing and many cardiovascular diseases and cancers. When choosing your beef, don't be afraid to ask your butcher for advice.

Advice from the professional butcher

The butcher often provides a selection of products. In La Boucherie, you will find a wide range of excellent traditional products and meats, deli meats, matches, in addition to the traditional ones. There is a reason why the local butcher shop has become a reference... Local retailers are able to provide you with personalized services, because they know the preferences of regular customers and benefit from discounts that perfectly meet everyone's requirements. The butchers' objective is to meet their customers and give them advice. Personalized services are less common in supermarkets because they provide standard services. Butchers are able to offer quality local products in addition to a choice of meats. You will have the opportunity to discover less or more conventional meats such as deli meats and a variety of excellent products. The products offered by butchers normally come directly from the manufacturer. This saves you less travel costs, mixed commissions and shipping costs.How to choose the right meat?